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May 13, 2006
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Dress-Up Tutorial by Andorea-Chan Dress-Up Tutorial by Andorea-Chan
:new:I am now taking commissions for dress-up games and more! [link]

Please, read the FAQ before posting any comment! I've been getting the same questions over and over for a long time now, so I've updated the FAQ. If you ask something that's already answered in the FAQ, I will just have to ignore your comment.



Hello! As promised, here's the dress-up tutorial I said I'd make.
It's a pretty basic tutorial, but hopefully it will help someone. ^_^

Just remember there has to be a layer for each thing: one for characters (in which you can make a little animation), one for clothes, one for BGs, another one for music and so on...

The success of your game depends on your creativity. Good luck! ^_^


What version of Flash do you use? And if I use a different one, will my game work with your dragging code?
I use Macromedia Flash 8. As some of you know, Macromedia was bought by Adobe some time ago. And now they work with AS3 (while Macromedia worked with AS1 and AS2). So my code works fine in any version of Macromedia Flash, but I'm "not sure" if it does in Adobe (unless you open a document and choose to work with AS2.. I think).
But fear not, since I'm posting the AS for Adobe users below. XD

Where can I get Flash?
I'm afraid you'd have to buy it, since trials only last 30 days (not to mention there are no more Macromedia trials anymore, only Adobe's.) If you still want the trial though, you can get it here

Can you give me the action script for dragging the clothes? (Macromedia)
on (press) {
startDrag ("")
dragging = true
on (release, releaseOutside) {
stopDrag ()
dragging = false

What about the AS for Adobe users?
When you sart the program, choose to work with AS2 and use the code in my tutorial.

I can't find Expert Mode in the AS panel!
Well, keep in mind Macromedia 8 is not the only version of Flash. Maybe yours doesn't have expert mode, but that doesn't mean you can't use the codes. Just open the action script panel and paste the code.

Should I draw everything in Flash? Or can I use some other programs (like PS)?
I'd recommend you to draw everything in Flash. If you draw the clothes in some other program, when you import it to Flash, it's going to have a white space around it so it wouldn't fit your doll... But I guess there's a way to import the clothes correctly so that won't happen. I believe if you save them as .gif and erase the BG layer in Photoshop... Haven't tried it, though. ^_^;

~sophiroth contributed with another way of importing drawn objetc to Flash. she said: "draw in Illustrator, it's pretty much the same as Photoshop and it won't leave a white space when you copy and paste into Flash."

~IsaCrisSparda also contributed with another way to get the same effect: "If you don't want to draw in the Flash program itself, you can draw it in a transparent layer in photoshop or gimp (or any other program that works with it) and save it in the .png file format. Then only the colored parts wont be transparent."

How do I add music to my games?
Click on "File", and then "Import". A window will open. Select the song you want (which you'll find in the file you usually keep your songs) and click ok. Then make a layer called "music" (or something like that) and click in the first key-frame. Finally, open your "properties" panel, and where it says "sound" click on the arrow and choose the imported song file.

When I test my game, sometimes some clothes that should be on top (e.g. jacket) appear below other clothes that should be on the bottom (e.g. t-shirt). Why is that?
Well, that's because you are not bringing your objects (clothes in this case) back and forth as you please. To do so, simply click on the clothe (or group of clothes) you want to bring forward and press Ctrl+G.

For Mac users contributed by ~Le-Noodle
If you press F8 or F9 it affects iTunes, so to make it work it has to be fn+alt+F8/F9


That's all for now. If I notice there's an important question I have missed, I will include it in the FAQ.

Good luck~
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FishyFeeshy Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question.

Well, two actually.

I got the same error as the person below, but I could still drag the object. Should I worry about those errors?

Also, should all the objects be on the same layer, or separate layers?
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